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 Guild Wars 12/29/10

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IKyoyaI / Ergo
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:+:Vice-Leader/ Yellow Flash:+:

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PostSubject: Guild Wars 12/29/10   Thu Dec 30, 2010 5:31 am

First GW against the iQNinjas we won (9-2). Immorality former IGNs: (Discern, Gelaro) left the guild again because we didn't listen to what he wanted us to do during the GW, he rage quit and what's funny he joined the guild that we were GWing with. We continued the match and they had the 2nd point because Immorality was there, but we still won so GG.

Participants: XxAtticus0Xx, aKaMunkey, IKyoyaI

Second GW, TheChiken challenged KnightOfLights without even knowing what mode we are playing whether it's blacktop or demo, he just accepted so I had no choice but to form up the team or else it'll be a forfeit, we won thanks to aKaMunkey (demoer in our guild) and also the new recruit Jswaggerific (demoer also). (9-7) GG

Participants: aKaMunkey, IKyoyaI, Jswaggerific

HALOS: 28-5 GJ guys.

General/:+:HALOS:+: Yellow Flash,

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Guild Wars 12/29/10
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